about anya mitchell

I make because I feel called to do so. I make to give, to share, to process. I strive to make beautiful items, exploring how the arrangement of lines and patterns can endow an object with meaning and convey a narrative. 

Influenced by

Baha'i Faith

Amish quilts

2 Dope Queens

So many podcasts

Inspiring work

Amanda Williams

Howardena Pindell

Pamela Wiley

Melissa Blount

Most recent experience

Forest + Fin

MCA (Chicago)

Lovelane Designs

Baha'i World Center

Upcoming/Recent Shows

On::View (May 2018)

Fold/Unfold (Nov 2017)

Fold/Unfold (Aug 2017)

Favs of Chicago

Art Institute

57th Street Books

Baha'i Temple

Jarvis Fruit Market

Favs of Savannah

Oatland Island

Auspicious Bakery

Daffin Park

Perc Coffee Cafe