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Reflections on Desires

Thinking about the way we divide ourselves into living a diversity of ways. Thinking about how all our ways of living are all actually one reality though they feel worlds apart. Thinking about our common humanity, our common desires. Desires for a safe place to call home, for our children to be educated, to have access to food, to name a few. Thinking of ways to cultivate a conversation with a common understanding that we are one, for this to be the foundational understanding when we come together to consult on how we can solve and deal with the injustices that face our society.  

Inspired by the neighborhoods and culture of Savannah, Georgia, these pictures are from places of intersections of the community; homes, schools and grocery stores. Images are woven together reflecting the one reality in which we live. This series was exhibited at Sulfur Studios as part of the On::View residency program. 

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